One-make-race in Thailand “JAZZ SUPER CUP” introduces “WedsSport TC105N”as official wheel!!

“JAZZ SUPER CUP” recently announced to kick off one-make-race featuring JAZZ (FIT) in Thailand. All tuning parts that power racing car must be specified to one-make due to its regulation, they decided to use “WedsSport TC105N -JSC model-.” Across Thailand, four races will be held in 2015 series. One of the events will take place at “Chang Buriam International Circuit” where SUPER GT appeared last year. Now, many racing fans will see and recognize “WedsSport TC105N –JSC model –“

Official name for the race: “JAZZ SUPER CUP”
Host country: Thailand
Official wheel: WedsSport TC105N (JSC model) 15 inch

●Four Races in 2015series: Races across Thailand (2 heats 8 races)
Event 1: 25-26 April 2015 /Bira International Circuit 
Event 2: 23-24 May 2015  /Chang Buriram International Circuit
Event 3: 10-11 October 2015/Bira International Circuit
Event 4: 14-15 November  /Bonanza Speedway